King's College London Quarantine Art Exhibition - Charlotte Ellery (B: 2009-16)
Monday, 27 April 2020

At the end of March, Charlotte Ellery launched the KCL Quarantine Art Competition. It was originally designed for Classics students and staff who needed a project to focus on and distract them in isolation but she has recently extended the opportunity to anyone who feels particularly creative during quarantine or perhaps lonely and in need of a project to help them.

So far, she has received submissions from people isolated due to respiratory disorders, those who have used the quarantine period to learn new skills and others who have re-imagined their favourite object in an expressive form.

The project will be open to submissions until the end of August and once she has all the submissions they will then be displayed in an online exhibition, with a select few going on to be displayed in the flesh in a London show room.

At its heart, the project is about keeping people’s spirits up and providing a way to bring everyone together after quarantine has ended and an element of normality begins again.

How to participate
 Any form of creative expression, this may include:
• Artwork (ditgial or physical)
• Music
• Sculpture
• Poetry
• Literature

If your idea is not on the list and you believe it can be shown online then go for it! Due to the constricting nature of quarantine, there is no specific theme you must follow, but instead you are encouraged to create something that you fully enjoy making. As such just submit one piece of work and a short bio describing the piece and your motivations behind creating it.

Please send all queries and submissions to